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Listing Advisor Services for the DCSX

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (“DCSX”) is established in Curaçao. Eclipse Management B.V. has been approved by the DCSX to act as a Listing Advisor. Any Fund that seeks to list on the DCSX must have a Listing Advisor and Eclipse is naturally well positioned to act as the coordinator between listed Funds and the exchange.

The advantages of a listing on the DCSX are the same as for listings on other exchanges. However, the fees to DCSX as well as the fees to the Listing Advisor are significantly lower than in other jurisdictions.

As such a Fund can benefit from the following advantages of a listing cost effectively:

  • Larger potential investor base. Many institutional investors are restricted regarding investments in funds that are not listed on a regulated exchange. A listing on DCSX can make your Fund eligible for these investors.

  • Publicly available NAV information. All NAVs of your Fund will appear on the DCSX website and can be forwarded to Financial Media Services.

  • Increased visibility, transparency and recognition

Eclipse’s services as Listing Advisor are well aligned with our services as independent, non-executive directors.



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